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Adrian Caraballo, better known as DJ Double ii, is a rare breed of entertainer. 15+ years of experience has shaped his instincts and provided him the ability to stir any size crowd and cater to any musical taste. He has provided quality entertainment in front of national recording artists, at bars & nightclubs, weddings, and everything in between. Double ii began his career in entertainment after heavy influence from prolific DJs such as Jazzy Jeff, Funkmaster Flex, Kid Capri, Tony Touch, and Premier. His passion for music has led to a demanding schedule which includes duties that not only consist of DJing, but producing music and operating as a recording engineer. DJ Double ii was also added to the 2012 Strathmore’s Who’s Who Registry. His enthusiasm for entertaining, has lead him to work with top musicians such as Grammy Award Winner David Cullen. DJ Double ii takes a great amount of pride in leaving any group pleased with his work. He is fueled by the ability to move the masses. Having a positive response from an audience is an invaluable confirmation of a job well done and the ultimate satisfaction for Double ii. Once he puts on his headphones and gets to work, he is at home.

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