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DJ Akshen

Jay Valdez better known as DJ Akshen has over two decades of DJ experience. He started out by DJing his older brothers High School Dances when he was in the 7th grade and did his first club gig before he was eighteen! He has been blending multiple genres of music in his sets before the term “mash-up” even existed. This has proven to be the key ingredient to his unique signature and to attracting bigger, more diverse crowds.

DJ Akshen brings an unmatched energy to his sets as well as a combination of turntable mastery and incredible music knowledge, which very few DJs have, and consistently creates a vibe that sets off any party.

He continues to perform at some of the hottest nightspots across the country, overseas, and on the seas. Through seamless mixes and an amazing sense of selection, he can transform any venue whether a club, live stage, bar, or even the deck of a cruise ship, into an all-night party!

So, if you want the complete package just ask for, “lights, camera… DJ AKSHEN"


  • Disney Cruise Lines

  • Guess

  • Taser International

  • Heineken

  • Redbull

  • Microsoft


  • Academy of Radio and TV Broadcasting, Phoenix AZ

  • Scottsdale Community College, Scottsdale AZ

  • Adviser for SCC DJ & Turntablism Classes

  • Cyphers The Center for Urban Arts, Phoenix AZ

  • Program Driector & Instructor for DJ Classes

Interesting Facts

  • DJ Akshen was awarded "Best Place to learn How to DJ" in 2013 by the Phoenix New Times for his "Turntableology 101" class and workshops that he teaches at Cyphers The Center for Urban Arts

  • DJ Akshen is the Father of DJ Yeah (considered by DMC & ThudRumble at the time as the world's youngest scratch DJ)

  • DJ Yeah was featured in the 2004 DMC US Finals DVD, 2005 DMC World Finals DVD, and Turntable TV Deluxe DVD


  • 2015 Red Bull Thre3Style National Finalist (Top 5)

  • 3 Time AZ DJ Spin-ff ChampioN

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