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Mike Wuesthoff – DJ Mike West

Surviving the last 10 years DJ'ing in one of the most competitive markets, DJ Mike West continues to keep his name on the tip of peoples tongues. While constantly honing his DJ talent and staying ahead of the music curve, he has provided his musically inclined skills to all of the hottest venues throughout the Tri-State area. Nationally known for his production of remixes and mashups, DJ Mike West has filled the ears of people across the United States and has trained the eye of the Jersey Shore with his notorious music video DJ'ing talent. With well over 600 weddings and twice as many private events, DJ Mike West has taken what many call a "hobby" and converted it into a full time professional career. Rising to New Jersey’s top hit radio station,


“B98.5 ”has taken 10pm to 2am time window and made into the only station to tune into on a Friday Night. In order for them to make this happen B98.5has siphoned through thousands of DJ s’ applications and chosen only a couple of DJ’s to DJ for the most listened to time window in the Tri State area. DJ Mike West, & DJ Menson. Make sure you tune in every FRIDAY NIGHT to listen to DJ MIKE WEST'S mixshow

Remixes/Mash Ups

Dj Mike West has been nationally recognized from big name Dj’s like Steve Aoki, Jason Nevins, DJ Scene, and much more. His notorious remixes & mash ups which have been distributed from one of the most popular Remix/Mash Up sites on the internet are “Suspiciously Caught” which was distributed nationally on the famous “Party Bangaz” cd Series

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