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DJ Randy

From the first time he touched the turntables at the age of 15, Randy Feldman always knew that his path to happiness would be using these tools to entertain others. Now with over 25 years in the business he has proven himself and 100,000’s of people right! DJ Randy has been the forefather of Nightclub Entertainment in Arizona and continues to educate upcoming DJs and the next generation of fans with his music. Starting out with “DJ Z-Trip” back in the 90’s, DJ Randy always felt that to entertain the guests you have to give them something more than a radio song played louder at a club. He felt that it was his responsibility to present his mixes and song choices like a chef creates a meal. Start with your favorite songs from today, spice them up with remixes and re-edits to add some flavor, mix them with tasty samples of hits from yesterday and deliver them with a smile. This formula has proven to be successful each and every time he plays. Randy Feldman has been the Entertainment Director, Resident DJ and Guest Performer for every major venue in Arizona starting with the first ever Ultra Nightclub in Arizona “Empire”. As the resident DJ, Randy hosted everything from Celebrity Movie Premiere events to USA Dream Team parties and was responsible for all the entertainment involved. His role expanded with the opening of Sanctuary Nightclub and continued to grow each year. Randy has been an Owner/Operator/Resident DJ and Guest DJ for every venue including but not limited to Sanctuary, Axis/Radius, Suede, Myst, Pussycat Lounge, Martini Ranch, E4, Red Revolver, Wasted Grain, Blue Martini, Cadillac Lounge, Boondocks, Dirty Pretty, The Roxy, Dollhouse, Smashboxx, El Jefe’s and many others and that is just in Arizona. His talents have brought him to Denver, San Francisco, Sacramento, North Carolina, South Carolina, Las Vegas, Texas, Los Angeles, Chicago, New Orleans, Mexico and many others. In 2010 Levity Entertainment was asked to develop a DJ program that would bring some of the nightclub flair to the Disney Family and so Randy Feldman created Super DJ’s Inc. Now going strong on our 5th year Randy is responsible for providing some of the State’s most amazing, entertaining and talented DJs to showcase their abilities on the Disney Cruise Lines. In 2016 this program will be expanding to other venues, cruise ships and hot spots around the globe. DJ Randy feels that “Life is a Soundtrack…Share that sound with others!”

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